Benefits of Solar Energy

With an ongoing increase in electricity prices many house owners are looking at alternative options to supply electricity to their home. House owners also have decided to utilize other alternative options mainly because they want to protect the planet by lessening usage of fossil fuels. A lot of house owners are now employing solar energy rather than fossil fuels. Solar energy isn’t just a renewable and reliable source of energy but also clean and non-polluting.

Each year, more and more home owners are moving over to this source of energy. In 2016, United States has greater than 1 million residential solar installations. Before 2018 ends, the figure will reach 2 million. Several states worth looking at include California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut. California, often referred to as the ‘sunshine state’ with no surprise has a National Ranking of 1st for solar. Meanwhile, New Jersey is rank 5th, with more than 340,000 solar-powered houses. The state of Massachusetts is ranked sixth since it has around 312,000 solar-dependent houses. Connecticut however, although 18th on the National Ranking is interesting as property owners in Connecticut seem to have an open mind and escalating adoption of solar. This could be seen in the fact that investments from 2015 increased a drastic 124% from 2014. One can also find the state in the top 10 national rankings for energy-efficiency programs and policies.

Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy is very beneficial, which is why increasing numbers of people are employing it rather than other common sources. There is a full list of its advantages here on the website of Cleaner NRG. Amongst the most well known are the financial benefit to homeowners. When going solar, by either leasing, purchasing or financing a solar panel system a home owner can reduce and in many cases even eliminate their recurring electric bill. Solar property owners also do not have to be worried about the increasing electricity costs.

Added advantages of solar energy include the value it adds to the homeowners home itself. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for each and every $1 in energy bill savings from your solar installation your home’s total value increases by $20. Factors like the size of the installation and location of a house are very important to bear in mind as they will affect the total increase. Aside from that, solar will also serve as a protection to your roof. Your shingles will be underneath the solar panels, and once the system is in place, the shingles will be protected from extreme weather conditions. The full article can be found here.

Property owners who are searching for the ideal solar option ought to get a firm which will help them find the best service provider when it comes to product, warranty, installation and savings. Your decision as a home owner will rely on all these factors. Cleaner NRG are one of the solar marketplaces out there which can help home owners get the best choice for their house.

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