Soft forks and smart mixing of coins in the service

 crypto currencyThere is an option to increase the anonymity of cryptocurrency that many owners use all the times. The service creates the pool for mixing coins. During the transaction, the coins come to the pool for a moment to mix with coins of other users. The tracking of the owner becomes impossible.

What is a soft fork in the cryptocurrency?

Creators of soft forks try to do small improvement of the system, not a complete change in the algorithm. The purpose of the soft fork is to optimize some of the bitcoins functions. If some part of the nodes does not accept soft fork changes, it will still be able to function under the same conditions. Older nodes will be able to interact with new ones as before.

What is a user-activated soft fork?

This type of soft fork is abbreviated as UASF. Such forks are produced by a separate group of people. Here can be such examples:

  • A blocker-purse
  • A company
  • A crypto-currency exchange.

Updating of the block is in such cases done without the participation of the main computing power of the network. Before such an update is included in the new version of the program, it should be supported by the main crypto-exchange exchanges. Since such soft fork does not have the main power of the computer network, it may take a long time to prepare it for a separate initiative group.

History does not know examples of a user-activated soft fork, so the implementation of such modifications of the network at the moment remains only in theory.

What is the mixing of coins?

Such companies as use the smart mixing to improve the anonymity of their users. When the transaction starts, the coins of different users are mixed, which makes the tracking impossible.