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If you believe lacking brain Power lately you might want to check at your diet combined with some very inexpensive supplements. Diet is vital for proper brain function and the simple fact of the matter is that your diet might not be supplying you with appropriate quantities of several very important vitamins that permit you to maximize your brain power. If you are noticing that you are experiencing issues with your short term memory or overall you either want to do a little research into adjusting your diet or supplementing with vitamins that may help you. We are going to look at four vitamin supplements which can do just that.

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The first supplement which we will look at is folic acid. When homocysteine reaches elevated levels it is known to cause damage to brain cells. Folic acid is a nutrient that controls the amount of homocysteine from the blood. This is the reason you want to have adequate levels of folic acid from diet or supplementation. It will enhance both endurance and short-term memory. When you improve both of these things rather than feeling lethargic and sluggish you will feel far more mentally alert modafinil buy. Foods that could supply this nutrient could include green leafy vegetables, beans or legumes. It’s also available in supplement form from the community supplement warehouse. The following vitamin that will help you enhance brain power is vitamin B12. It’s important in maintaining the health of our nerve cells. B12 increases the production of myelin which offers a protective coating to nerve pathways and shields them from electrical pulses sent out by the mind. The reason that this is important is because we know that lots of mental illness problems that people experience are caused either by the misfiring of neural cells or with a deficiency of the protective coating.

Depression and mental alertness can both be enhanced with B12 supplementation. Studies also have shown that it can help to avoid memory loss making it a highly effective tool for enhancing brain power.1 word of caution concerning B12 is in order here. Pregnant women that are strict vegans run the risk of being deficient in this vitamin. This may be passed on to the baby at birth causing neurological issues that manifest themselves quickly and sadly are irreversible. Should you fall into this category it is sensible to talk about B12 deficiency with your physician? B12 can be found in fortified Cereals and meats like beef, pork, fish and poultry. If your diet does not include these kinds of foods consider supplementation.